It's time for a fresh start in 2023. Join our 28-day Body Clean Up Challenge. At the end of 28 days, you will look better, feel better, and have a chance to win some wonderful prizes!

In this challenge, you will receive a wealth of nutrition information, recipes, tips and tricks to help you get started on ditching your unhealthy ways within 28 days. The purpose of our 4-week challenge is to develop small habits that will make a huge difference.

This is a nutritional challenge, but make sure you get in some sweat sessions to ensure maximum results.

Here's to a change for the better in 28 days. You can do this.

What is the 28 Day Total Body Clean-Up Challenge?

The purpose of this challenge is to challenge you to change some unhealthy nutrition habits to kick-start a healthier, more fab lifestyle.

The challenge is divided up into 4 weekly goals

  • Week 1 - Drink only zero calorie beverages

  • Week 2 - Add a green smoothie or raw veggies

  • Week 3 – Swap out the white stuff

  • Week 4 – Ditch the dairy

We are not expecting you to give these things up forever. Give us a month, and  you be the judge as to how fantastic you look and feel!

Each week builds on the previous week's habits, so yes, we are asking you to ditch the booze for 28 days. But you will have awesome support, and it will be fun.

28 Day Total Body Clean-Up Challenge Rules

The rules are simple:


  • Every week you will receive instructions via our App for your four weekly nutrition habits. 
  • Each week will be a different nutrition challenge to help you cut calories, detox and add nutrients to your daily diet.
  • Log your habit completion daily on the app. 
  • If you have consistently completed your healthy habits, then you have successfully completed the Total Body Clean Up Challenge!


Healthy Habits Tracker

Healthy Habits Tracker - Plant based nutrition - JK Wellness and Nutrition

Keeping track of your habits is easy. You can report daily via our app, or we can send you the Healthy Habit Tracker via email. It will also be available on our Facebook Group Page.

To successfully complete the challenge, you need to keep to your habits 90% of the time. That means you need at least 63 checkmarks.

Start Date: 16 January 2023 (but you can join in anytime)

Pay only what you want. We accept donations of any amount. A donation of AUD 50 and more will give you another program on our app, free of charge. 

Limited Spaces available.

Get in Soon, the Countdown Is On!