Kids Eat Healthy Workshop

Learn what your children should be eating, what they should not be eating (and why), how to build a healthy eating plan and most importantly how to stick to the plan and get your kids to like it. We will be cooking too.

This is a practical workshop that is aimed at parents who would like their children to eat healthy meals, parents of children who have immune system disorders, parents of children who suffer from ADD and ADHD and parents or care takers that have “picky eaters”.

This workshop is open to anyone who looks after kids including care givers, mums and dads.

The Program Covers

  • What nutrients do children need in their diet?
  • What does junk food do to our body? So what’s a healthy eating plan and how do we get it going?
  • What types of foods should we have in our pantry?
  • Sample 2-week menu plan handout
  • Ideas about how to transform your kids’ favourite meals into healthy meals
  • Organic vs. Non Organic debate
  • Supplementation- is it necessary
  • What NOT to say to your children about food- the psychology of a healthy eater (building healthy eating habits and a healthy relationship with food)
  • Children’s Recipe e-book filled with recipes for you to try
  • Comprehensive workshop handout covering all the topics we talk about in great detail
  • We will be cooking and showing you plenty of breakfast, lunch and dinner ideas and healthy yummy treats too.
  • Super food breakfasts including juices, smoothies and pancakes (that jam pack those important nutrients needed to start the day right)
  • Snacks that are perfect for home or a lunch box
  • Lunch and dinner ideas
  • Sweet treats that are actually good for growing bodies

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