About Us

Welcome to JK Wellness and Nutrition – your partner in embarking on a transformative journey towards holistic well-being. Our mission is centred around enriching your life through a comprehensive wellness strategy that places paramount emphasis on a plant-based diet. However, our approach extends beyond dietary choices, encompassing your physicality, mentality, emotions, lifestyle, and perspectives.

We're here to guide you through a profound system rejuvenation that addresses every facet of your existence. The outcome? Empowerment and liberation that resonate throughout your entire being. Your path to wellness starts here, with JK Wellness and Nutrition.

Unlocking Your Path to Balance and Wellness: Empower Yourself with Essential Self-Care Tools. No More Feeling Stuck – Discover the Journey to Renewed Health and Vitality.

At JK Wellness and Nutrition, we understand that achieving true balance and wellness in life requires essential self-care tools. Often, individuals find themselves navigating this journey alone, facing the challenge of not knowing where to start. It's a common experience to sense an inner need for change while feeling trapped in uncertainty.

Yet, here's the empowering reality: it doesn't have to remain this way. We're here to guide you. By embracing straightforward adjustments, you can elevate your health and well-being to a position of priority. Our approach rejuvenates your self-awareness and propels you towards the path of positive transformation.

Introducing the Visionary Behind It All: Jasna Kosovac, Chief Nutritionist and Founder


Unlock the potential of nutrition with Jasna Kosovac, where the journey is deeply personal. Having battled through years of relentless back pain, perpetual fatigue, and severe eye inflammation leading to temporary blindness, Jasna found herself diagnosed with an autoimmune disease in 2010. Her path to healing led her to extensive research and insightful conversations with experts, all centred around harnessing the intrinsic power of food and natural remedies to reclaim wellness and vitality.

Embracing the wisdom she gained, Jasna adopted a transformative approach. Through dedicated exploration of healthy nutritional practices and the embrace of a fully plant-based lifestyle, she achieved astonishing results. In a mere eight months, her symptoms were reversed, and her overall well-being was elevated to levels she hadn't felt in years – a true embodiment of vibrancy.

Today, as a certified nutritionist, detox specialist, and advocate for the plant-based way of life, Jasna seamlessly integrates science-backed nutritional assessments with targeted wellness strategies. Her expertise empowers you to rewrite your story, revitalising your health and embracing a life brimming with energy and vitality.